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HELLO!  My name is HAZLE and I am just a BABY - that's right I am just 1 year old, even though my body is much much much bigger than I ever expected! Don't let my size scare you - I am the ultimate lover and love nothing more than visitors to our amazing home and getting to know each of you. I can even show you my favorite toy - a Dollar Tree Plastic Flower Pot! That's right - my parents bought me all these expensive toys and nothing gives me greater joy than a plastic flower pot. So don't be alarmed - Mom lets me have the ones with NO FLOWERS in them!


I was adopted into this fabulous family when I was 6 weeks old. My middle name should be "adventure" as I wandered up the long lane with my mommy and I never left. I never knew living in the middle of nowhere with my new parents would be so amazing. PLUS I HAVE AN OLDER BROTHER!  Needless to say, Gus is not yet fond of all my kisses and only plays when HE wants to, but I think I am growing on him. I love hiking with you, visiting the pond, following my dad EVERYWHERE and making sure everyone is safe.


Little did my parents know when I arrived that I was 59% Great Pyrennse and the rest was St. Bernard and Mastiff. So, yes I am a "little" lady with a HUGE amount of love to share with you when you arrive. I can't wait to greet you in MO - the middle of nowhere is exactly where you want to be!

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