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Upcoming Workshop: Learn to Live Out Loud 

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Rebel Roadmap

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Rebel Souls



STOP the madness, put on the brakes, take the roads less traveled, enjoy the view and buckle up!

Do you feel lost?

Do you feel like your life is going a million miles an hour and you find yourself in overwhelm?

Are you living in fear?

Fear of judgement, self-beat up, intimacy and trust?

Are you feeling you have hit a dead end in your direction?

If any of those questions sparked a reaction in you...let's chat

Your Soul's Authentic Purpose


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Soul Sista

Meet Amy Keiderling

I am Amy Keiderling and I am a Rebel Soul Guide. I am here to navigate you to finding your soul's purpose. Think of me as a co-pilot on the road of life. When the road gets bumpy, curvy, or just seems full of obstacles and detours, we will pull out our Rebel Roadmap and navigate it together.

Does Your Soal Want to Soar?

Quick Question?

If you are looking for ways to live an authentic life, I invite you to fill out this form. When you do, I will reach out to you to schedule an initial conversation where we can explore your dreams.


We all have one life and NOW is the time to live the life you were born to live!

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Coaching Sesson
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