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Hello! My name is GUS and I would love to personally welcome you to MO! Don't let my fancy "tuxedo" attire worry you - this is the ultimate place to kick back, chill and leave the formal attire at home! Let me tell you, this is the BEST place to hike, explore, smell beautiful flowers, and get endless love!


The best decision I ever made was when I hitchhiked in the back of an enclosed trailer in IOWA to take a "cat nap" on an amazing Mid Century Modern Couch! Little did I know that when I woke up I would be 200+ miles away in the middle of nowhere with my new family! THIS was the ultimate adventure and now I am surrounded by an entire property of Mid Mod Heaven! Come visit me in MO - and I will apologize now for my overgrown extremely friendly "little" sister - HAZLE! 

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